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Brain Tumor Nonprofit StacheStrong Donates $110,000 for the Launch of the SNS Neurosurgeon-Scientist Training Program

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The Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS) has established a Neurosurgeon-Scientist Training Program (NSTP) to increase the pool of neurosurgery residents conducting research and to enhance their success rate in becoming independent neurosurgeon-scientists. The NSTP will serve as a formal mentored research program for those neurosurgery residents who are beginning a protected research year or have already completed their protected research year. Read More

Surgically Based Clinical Trials for High-Grade Gliomas — Bringing the Laboratory to the Operating Room

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For patients with aggressive, high-grade gliomas, clinical trials offer access to new experimental therapies studied for their effectiveness. Traditionally, clinical trials have been broken into three phases. Phase 1 clinical trials assess the safety of a new treatment. Phase 2 studies involve more patients and evaluate the efficacy of the treatment. Phase 3 studies are designed to compare the novel treatment to a proven treatment to validate its effectiveness further. Read More