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Increasing Patient Access to Stereotactic Radiosurgery through Innovation

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Neurosurgery supports and welcomes transparent physician-industry interactions to foster healthy relations and spur innovative device development to benefit patients. Within the specialty of neurosurgery, there are numerous examples of just such benefits, including increased access to stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). SRS is a that delivers radiation to precise targets in the brain, such as tumors, while minimizing injury to adjacent areas. Read More

Brain Tumors, Drug Development and Neurosurgeons: Ending the Losing Streak

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For many neurosurgeons, years of training and technical refinement culminate in safely removing a patient’s brain tumor. We dedicate our careers to shepherding people past this inflection point, but the patient journey does not end there. For those with malignant tumors, our surgical heroics are quickly unraveled by tumor recurrence. Theoretically, adjuvant medical therapy should firewall patients against this reality; however, as we all know, no drug today provides much security to brain tumor patients. Our specialty is uniquely positioned to do something about this. Drug development is no longer the sole domain of oncologists, and some of the most impactful drug studies live in our operating rooms.

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University of Miami Increases Neuro-Oncology Collaboration and Mentorship Through Innovative New Fellowship Program

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Neurosurgery has a long history of mentorship through a trainee’s dedicated time under a more experienced surgeon’s tutelage. Surgical training has long been considered a more advanced form of apprenticeship, mastering a skill under a more experienced practitioner’s guidance. In this tradition, the — part of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine — has launched an that allows neurosurgery trainees to join internationally renowned brain tumor experts in other countries to increase their experience. Read More