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For the past decade, Neurosurgery Blog: More Than Brain Surgery has investigated and reported on how health care policy affects patients, physicians and medical practices. Posts have discussed the state of neurosurgical sub-specialties and promoted key health care policy and advocacy initiatives to ensure patients’ timely access to care, improve neurosurgical practice and foster continued advancement of neurological surgery.

Its health policy reporting efforts include multiple topic months and guest blog posts from key thought leaders and members of the neurosurgical community. To mark the 500th post, we combed through the Neurosurgery Blog archives to highlight our most popular blog posts and focus series that showcase the current state of neurological surgery.

The Neurosurgery Blog’s 10 top posts:

The Neurosurgery Blog’s top focus series:

  • WINS Series. The year 2020 marked the historic 30th anniversary of the founding of (WINS), bringing with it an exciting time for the WINS community and neurosurgery. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of WINS, Neurosurgery Blog published a series of articles highlighting the section’s goals — to educate, inspire and encourage women neurosurgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.
  • COVID-19 Series. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted neurosurgical practices across the country. To highlight the effects of the pandemic on neurosurgery, Neurosurgery Blog published a on the impact of COVID-19.
  • Spine Care Series. The Neurosurgery Blog published a on the spine to shed light on spine facts, innovation and the role of spine interventions. Today, spine-related disability has been called an epidemic. Misinformation regarding spine care in the U.S. is a significant hindrance to understanding the critical issues surrounding the care of patients with spinal conditions.
  • Military Faces of Neurosurgery Series. To pay tribute to the contributions of the many military neurosurgeons who have made significant contributions and sacrifices — whether on the battlefield, in the operating room or research lab — the Neurosurgery Blog published a series on . Throughout history, neurosurgeons have served our country with distinction and grace. Read how former AANS president Roberto C. Heros, MD, FAANS(L), volunteered for the . Remember the horrors of the Vietnam War, as seen through the eyes of Patrick J. Kelly, MD, FAANS(L), while he was stationed in Da Nang during the bloodiest year of that conflict.
  • Physician Burnout Series. To explore and highlight the rising prevalence of burnout among clinicians in recent years, the Neurosurgery Blog published articles bringing physician wellness to the forefront of the profession and offering strategies to reduce physician burnout.
  • Faces of Neurosurgery Series. The Neurosurgery Blog published a Faces of Neurosurgery interview video series. Conducted by Kurt A. Yaeger, MD, a member of the AANS/CNS Communications and Public Relations Committee, these neurosurgery luminaries are asked about their early mentors, proudest achievements and advice for neurosurgical residents. to watch the series.

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