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In Episode 4 of Neurosurgery Blog’s Faces of Neurosurgery interview series, we spoke with Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD, FAANS (L) about his proudest achievements, his favorite surgery to perform and one surgical instrument he couldn’t live without. Dr. Sonntag is an emeritus professor of neurosurgery at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Ariz.

Dr. Sonntag is most proud of the nearly 300 residents and fellows he has trained over the years, and the legacy they carry from him. One of his biggest accomplishments was “putting spine on the map” in neurosurgery, and seeing spinal neurosurgery grow over the course of his career. His autobiography, “Backbone: The Life and Game-Changing Career of a Spinal Neurosurgeon,” is available now.

The full interview is available here and on Neurosurgery Blog’s YouTube channel.

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