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In Episode 2 of Neurosurgery Blog’s Faces of Neurosurgery interview series, we spoke with R. Michael Scott, MD, FAANS (L), about his early mentors, proudest achievements, and musical hobbies. Dr. Scott is currently Neurosurgeon-in-Chief-emeritus at Boston Children’s Hospital and Christopher K. Fellows Family Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Dr. Scott says that one of his proudest achievements is leaving behind an extensive legacy of patients throughout his career, as well as the residents he helped train. He is also proud of helping to better define Moyamoya disease and its surgical treatment.

He offers the following advice for neurosurgery residents, “Becom[e] an expert in something that interests you as you’re getting into residency.”

The full interview is available here and on Neurosurgery Blog’s channel.

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