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In Episode 1 of Neurosurgery Blog’s new Faces of Neurosurgery interview series, Kalmon D. Post, MD, FAANS (L) was interviewed about his proudest achievements, his advice to graduating residents and his favorite surgical instruments. Dr. Post is currently the Department of Neurosurgery chair emeritus at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.

“I’ve done about 10,000 operations over [the] years, and I think taking care of people and their families has always been number one to me,” Dr. Post reflected on his proudest accomplishment.

To residents graduating and starting their careers, he says to remember, “First you’re not a neurosurgeon; first you’re a doctor. Think about the fact that you have patients and families in front of you, and your first goal is to comfort them and make them better.”

The full interview is available here and on Neurosurgery Blog’s YouTube channel

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