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From time to time on Neurosurgery Blog, you will see us cross-posting or linking to items from other places when we believe they hit the mark on an issue. We wanted to bring attention to a Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) evidence-based guideline on pediatric myelomeningocele that recently appeared in Neurosurgery, the official journal of the CNS, which publishes research on clinical and experimental neurosurgery covering the very latest developments in science, technology and medicine.

In August, Neurosurgery published the “Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) Systematic Review and Evidence Based Guidelines for Pediatric Myelomeningocele,” which includes 6 chapters that systematically review the literature and include evidence-based recommendations about the timing of closure after birth, hydrocephalus, the impact of prenatal closure, and the effect of prenatal closure on ambulation ability and tethered spinal cord.

According to the CNS press release, “it is the Guideline Task Force’s aim that these systematic reviews and subsequent evidence-based recommendations will lead to improvement in the quality of life for infants and children with myelomeningocele.”

To read the full Neurosurgery article, click here. The complete guideline can also be found on the CNS website, here.

Editor’s Note: We encourage everyone to join the conversation online by using the hashtag #CNSGuidelines.

Catherine A. Mazzola, MD

David F. Bauer, MD


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