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Thanks. Giving.

Deborah L. Benzil, MD, FACS, FAANS
Chair, AANS/CNS Communications and Public Relations Committee
Vice Chair, Neurosurgery
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, OH

Thanks — not said enough and when said, often too casually. A shrug of the lips as one turns away. The gracious recognition of the efforts of others, offered from the heart infrequent. Let us give thanks to all the pediatric neurosurgeons today. They are not alone in deserving, but their tireless efforts on behalf of our littlest patients can be unheralded. Over the last couple of months, Neurosurgery Blog has highlighted some of these enormous efforts. The amazing stories include:

Giving is what pediatric neurosurgeons do every day. They give to our littlest patients suffering the whole spectrum of neurosurgical diseases:  cancers, congenital difficulties, vascular malformations, spine problems, infectious and trauma. In addition, they give generously to the parents, siblings and loved ones who are engulfed by both the physical and emotional burden of these struggles. There is also giving on the part of these patients and their families by placing their most precious possessions in our care and for trusting us and letting us become a part of their lives.

Soon many of us will gather around tables filled to overflowing with turkey, gravy and all the traditional fixings. It is a good time to pause, to acknowledge the advances in anesthesia, imaging, adjuvant care, ICU support, nursing and numerous supportive services that have made the practice of pediatric neurosurgery safer and easier for the patients and families. And, also to take just a moment to be thankful for the dedication, compassion and innovation of pediatric neurosurgeons.

Thank you for joining us on this journey highlighting the transformative work in this field as well as the ongoing collaborative efforts to ensure even better quality outcomes in the future. In the coming months, please continue this important discussion by using #PedsNeurosurgery.

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  • Roger Hudgins says:

    No thanks are necessary. It is a joy and privilege to take care of
    Children. It is a blessing that their parents let us hold, Bond, take care of, and love their children. I would not change my career for anything in the world.

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