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AANS Neurosurgeon Spotlight: Spring 2018 — The Privilege of Service

The AANS Neurosurgeon presents information and analysis of modern neurosurgical practice as the official socioeconomic publication of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS). Matters pertaining to legislation, workforce issues, practice management and the effects seen in the neurosurgery specialty are covered. The spring 2018 edition of AANS Neurosurgeon explores The Privilege of Service — the lives of neurosurgeons, the pride to be taken in providing a needed service and ways to become more involved.

Military service, choosing a career of service, the dedication of neurosurgeons and much more is covered in this issue. Browse the pages of this edition for information on the lives of those who have recognized a need and contribute to the betterment of patients’ lives in the OR and beyond.

The AANS Neurosurgeon is also proud to present the columns Cautery: Hot Tips for Neurosurgeons; Wellness outside the OR; Code Red: Essential Coding for Every Neurosurgeon; and STATLine: The Data behind Neurosurgical Trends, which share helpful tips and information from neurosurgeons, for neurosurgeons.

Some highlights of the issue:

Elsewhere in the issue, readers can check out additional theme-related articles and more.

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