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Congress Quarterly Exhibits The Intersection of Art+Neurosurgery

By January 3, 2017CNS Spotlight

grantGuest post from Gerald A. Grant, MD, FAANS

Congress Quarterly (cnsq) is the official newsmagazine of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, written by and for neurosurgeons to explore topics of unique value and interest to our specialty, from to helping with .

In today’s post, we wanted to spotlight the Congress Quarterly entitled, “.” This issue deviates from the typical news theme and highlights the importance of taking time to be expressive, creative and to think “outside the box.”

artOn the surface, it may seem that creativity has little role in a scientific discipline like neurosurgery. Our field is highly technical and complex, requiring great concentration, discipline and exquisite attention to detail. However, it is quite the opposite. For starters, the brain is the most complex organ in the human body (yes, of course, we are biased). A neurosurgeon must continually adapt to new findings and employ creativity and flexibility to solve problems, some which are anticipated and others which are not. Neurosurgeons use the latest technology to develop breakthroughs in our specialty — and this passion is captured through expressive creativity, which leads to even greater innovation.

In this edition, we take you on a tour into the minds of neurosurgeons to learn how their passion for art has complemented and been fed by their neurosurgical careers. You’ll see intriguing new parallels between art and neurosurgery. You’ll discover how these two fields merge in unexpected ways that not only bring a needed balance to our specialty, but also preserve and expand our human spirit.

Some highlights of the issue:

This packed publication also includes updates from various sections, as well as new information from the . To read the issue for free, click here.

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