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AANS Spotlight – ACOs, Mergers and Acquisitions

aansThe AANS Neurosurgeon is the official socioeconomic publication of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and features information and analysis for contemporary neurosurgical practice. It focuses on topics related to legislation, workforce issues and practice management as they affect the specialty of neurosurgery. The June 2016 edition of AANS Neurosurgeon explores the theme, “ACOs, Mergers and Acquisitions,” discussing the impact each can have on the health care industry, specifically neurosurgeons.

ACOs, Mergers and Acquisitions are changing the health care industry and are affecting neurosurgeons in the way they continue to practice their profession and treat patients. Is bigger better? How will a merger affect the quality of patient care? Can a system be large but still keep their focus small to put the needs of each patient first? These questions, along with many others, are answered throughout a series of articles in this publication. As a neurosurgeon, getting involved in the discussion and having a place at the table can help put you in the position to be successful during a changing time in health care as some articles mention. Further, explore the June issue to gain knowledge on the contracting process of a merger or acquisition and weigh-in about how a merger has affected you.

Some highlights of the issue:

Elsewhere in the issue, readers can read additional theme-related articles, as well as book reviews and updates from the AANS/CNS Washington office in the “Washington Watch” column.

Finally, in addition to its regularly updated Twitter page, AANS Neurosurgeon also boasts a Facebook page. Follow both social media accounts to read articles and stay current on the latest neurosurgical news.

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