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Cross Post – New Survey: Americans Support Patient-Centered Solutions, Oppose Government Determining Value

logo 2From time to time on Neurosurgery Blog, you will see us cross-posting or linking to items from other publications or places when we believe they hit the mark on an issue. Today’s post originally appeared on the , and it highlights a new survey which finds most Americans want to decide the best course of treatment with their doctors and oppose government intervention in medical care.

The study, which builds on prior surveys conducted by The (PIPC) in 2013 and 2015, shows that of nearly 2,000 registered voters polled by Morning Consult, 8 in 10 say that doctors and patients should be able to decide the best course of treatment without government interference. Furthermore, Medicare reforms should move toward patient-centered health care by giving physicians and patients the support they need to choose the best care for them.

to view the full survey results.

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