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2015 Fall Congress Quarterly Highlights Neurosurgeons at the Crossroads of US Tragedies

grantGuest post from Gerald A. Grant, MD
Editor, Congress Quarterly

The Congress Quarterly (cnsq) is the official newsmagazine of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and is designed to reflect the changing nature of neurosurgery and foster discussion about the core being of the neurosurgeon — leadership, strength, innovation and the relentless pursuit to improve the care and quality of life of patients. Each issue explores a new topic critical to the specialty — from the liability crisis and regulatory issues to practice management topics and other issues that are reshaping neurosurgery.

usIn today’s post we wanted to spotlight the recently released Fall 2015 issue of the Congress Quarterly entitled “Neurosurgeons at the Crossroads of US Tragedies,” which highlights key moments in recent history when neurosurgeons were abruptly thrown into the set — but this time the set was real. In this issue, we revisit five poignant events and interview the neurosurgeons who were primarily involved in these life-changing events, including:

Neurosurgeons played pivotal roles in the aftermath of all of these tragic events in the US. These are only examples of what we do every day in cities around the world, but these events highlight the extraordinary professionalism, courage, and leadership of neurosurgeons when called to duty.

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