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AANS Spotlight: August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month

AANS Logo High ResolutionDid you know that August is AANS Neurosurgery Awareness Month?

This year, for Neurosurgery Awareness Month, the is raising awareness on the causes and prevention of traumatic brain injury, back pain, injury prevention and other neurological safety topics. In addition, Neurosurgery Awareness Month will focus the spotlight on the neurosurgeons themselves — the women and men who have committed their lives to taking care of patients with serious neurologic diseases and disorders — and the special patients that have touched their lives.

Throughout the month of August, be sure to check the AANS website and social media channels for a variety of content relating to this year’s theme. Look for a submitted by a former brain tumor patient who documented a newlywed couple’s journey through brain cancer; an about a woman’s comeback from a broken spine to completing multiple Ironman triathlons; a behind the mysterious Louise Eisenhardt, MD; updated chapters from “The History of Neurosurgery”; a rare look inside ; the , including meeting a renowned tennis player; information regarding both past and current ; and what some of their about the importance of mentoring.

In addition to the AANS effort, Neurosurgery Blog will also be highlighting various items during August for Neurosurgery Awareness Month. We encourage everyone to join the conversation online by using the hashtag #neurosurgerymonth.

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  • Nino Sylmar says:

    Very informative blog. I love to read the inspirational stories of the people who turned their lives around, not only through medical intervention but also through their own sheer will power. Thank you for inviting me to your website. Continue your good work to help fellow humans to live a more fruitful life. Have a GREAT week.

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