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Faces of Neurosurgery: AMA Honors Neurosurgeons Karin Muraszko and Shelly Timmons

Ann.MayaGuest post from
Ann R. Stroink, MD, FAANS (left)
Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences
Bloomington, Illinois
Maya A. Babu, MD (right)
Neurosurgical Resident, Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

September is the month that the American Medical Association (AMA) celebrates and honors influential women physician leaders in conjunction with their program entitled, “Women in Medicine.” As part of the AMA’s commitment to, “increasing the influence of women physicians and advocating for women’s healthcare issues,” the AMA identifies top leaders in medicine through a nomination process.

Reflective of this year’s theme, “Innovators and Leaders Changing Health Care,” Neurosurgery holds a distinct and unusual honor of celebrating two of our neurosurgeons, Drs. Karin Muraszko and Shelly Timmons, who have won the . This award acknowledges physicians who have, “offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women in medicine.”


Dr. Karin Muraszko (left) and Dr. Shelly Timmons (right)

Dr. Muraszko was nominated by Dr. Aruna Ganju, who had this to say about her, “Karin is currently the first and only female chairperson in neurosurgery in the United States. She has devoted herself to the neurosurgical field providing outstanding service to her pediatric patients and their families, providing national leadership and serving as a role model to women in neurosurgery. As the mother of two adopted children, she inspires us by finding work/life balance and providing service to the community. Dr. Muraszko should be recognized as a truly inspirational woman.”

Dr. Timmons was nominated by Dr. Karin Muraszko, who said, “Shelly maintains an optimistic disposition even when dealing with the most difficult and complex political circumstances. I believe she is an inspirational physician because of her overall ability to help inspire a generation of young physicians in how to take care of patients, provide them with cutting edge therapy, and most importantly treating individuals with respect and dignity.”

Our behalf of Neurosurgery’s entire AMA delegation, we ask our fellow neurosurgeons to congratulate these two honorees and celebrate this recognition on the national stage of organized medicine.

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