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AANS Spotlight: Neurosurgeons and the Media

The AANS Neurosurgeon is official socioeconomic publication of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) which features information and analysis for contemporary neurosurgical practice. It focuses on issues related to legislation, workforce and practice management as they affect the specialty of neurosurgery. For today’s post we wanted to bring your attention to the newly released issue.

In today’s media-saturated world, it should come as no surprise that media in myriad forms impact organized neurosurgery. The , exploring the theme, “Neurosurgeons and the Media,” examines how. Articles in this edition consider how media such as television programming and print publications past and present, through the perpetuation of myth, shape how real-life neurosurgeons are perceived today. Other articles approach the subject from a different perspective, discussing how neurosurgeons can best use the media to their advantage to advance neurosurgery in general and their practices in particular. The issue also presents how some neurosurgeons actively participate in the creation of media as authors or filmmakers. All in all, the issue contains seven feature articles on this critical subject, including:

Elsewhere in the issue, readers can check out new peer-reviewed research, book reviews, and updates from the DC office via its “” column. And as always, the “Neuros in the News” section features neurosurgeons and institutions on the move, from recent appointments to expanding departments and new neurosurgical centers.

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