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Portland Neurosurgeon, Monica C. Wehby, MD, Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate in Oregon

Today, neurosurgery’s very own, Dr. Monica Wehby, announced her campaign for the United States Senate in the state of Oregon. She joins a growing list of Republicans hoping to unseat Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Dr. Wehby has been active in organized medicine for her entire career, serving in a number of leadership roles, including:

  • Member, Board of Directors
  • Member, Board of Trustees
  • President,

She has also been an advocate for patients and physicians, serving as:

  • Chief Petitioner for Oregon’s medical liability reform campaign
  • Representative on the Oregon Senate Commission on Access to Healthcare
  • Trustee, Ronald MacDonald House Charities

All of us here at Neurosurgery Blog find it very courageous that Dr. Wehby has put a successful career as a pediatric neurosurgeon on hold, where she serves as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, to take this leap into national politics.

“I will never stop being a doctor,” said Dr. Wehby on her website. “Serving as your Senator will simply be an extension of the work that I have done my entire adult life — listening to the patient, looking at data, figuring out the problem and fixing it.”

With healthcare issues continuing to be at the top of our nation’s political and policy agenda, it is essential to have more physicians serving in the U.S. Senate, and Dr. Wehby would certainly bring common sense, competence and compassion to the Congress.

In from the AANS Board of Directors, AANS President, Dr. William T. Couldwell, MD, PhD, thanked Dr. Wehby for all her hard work noting, “There is no question that Dr. Wehby is eminently qualified, as she proved so adeptly through her leadership on the AANS Board.” He added, “It will be through people like her that we can achieve positive change in our nation’s healthcare system, and we wish her well in her quest to claim a seat in the U.S. Senate.”

For more information about the campaign, . Additionally, you can view her video announcement (embedded below) where she introduces herself to the voters of Oregon.

One Comment

  • Dr Wehby;

    I am appalled at Jason Conger, like a middle school bully attacking you like a Democrat, and resorting to bare faced lies to do it. I have e/mailed Mr Conger, that I thought the campaign was to oust Jeff Merkley, not attack you. Plus, the fact that you were pointing out the terrible repurcussions of Obamacare 5 years ago.Thanks for runniong a focused, honorable, honest campaign.

    Jerry Milam Sr

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