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CNS Spotlight: 2013 Spring Congress Quarterly Released

The (cnsq) is the official newsmagazine of the CNS and is designed to reflect the changing nature of neurosurgery and foster discussion about the core being of the neurosurgeon, which is that of leadership, strength, innovation and the relentless pursuit to improve the care and quality of life of patients.  Each issue explores a new topic critical to the core being of the neurosurgeon—from the liability crisis and regulatory issues to practice management topics and other issues that are reshaping neurosurgery.

In today’s post we wanted to spotlight the recently released which focuses on assessing quality and how the quality of healthcare can be improved by examining the present healthcare conditions, modes of treatment, and patient care. This issue features nine articles on this pivotal subject (including one by Katie O. Orrico, director of the AANS/CNS Washington Office), as well as a message from CNS President, Dr. Rezai, and an overview of the excitement in store for you at the !

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